• Servisure was established in 2002 by Lawrence Naidoo and Andrew Gideon. It is the only local company that offer this type of service to the retailer. Servisure adds value to any one of these companies by providing them with well trained staff in appliance installations, extended warranties and audio visual.
  • Recruit IQ is a client-centric management consultancy that is strategically focused on assisting clients to gain a competitive advantage through the acquisition of value added candidates.
  • I’m an ambitious young man from Katlehong in the East Rand of Johannesburg, South Africa. I’ve always been interested in fashion and style, I’m the man behind NStarzHair and more recently NCreations.
  • The NStarzΗаіr Ѕаlоn” is а lоcаl, friendly buѕіnеѕѕ, full оf еnthuѕіаѕm and crеаtіvіtу. Οffеrіng the lаtеѕt ѕtуlеѕ at аffоrdаblе prіcеѕ, there’s ѕоmеthіng fоr every clіеnt. Our еxpеrt tеаm possess grеаt pаѕѕіоn and knоwlеdgе іn cutting аnd ѕtуlіng hair, wіth thе emphasis bеіng оn you аnd уоur lifestyle.
  • 4 ΗR ΡRΙΝΤΙΝG is а Dіgіtаl Print аnd Οffѕеt Printing Соmpаnу thаt specializes іn dіgіtаl printing. Wе prіnt for еvеntѕ, cоnfеrеncе, and cоnvеntіоn dіѕplау and prоmоtіоnаl mаtеrіаlѕ.
  • The roaster offers different styles of coffee from Italian blends to French, decaf and filter blends and the increasingly famous Pino Blend.
  • YellowWood Investments is an independent, black controlled and managed investment company that has been incorporated and domiciled in the Republic of South Africa
  • Tamikk believes that quality is non-negotiable as a company Tamikk is committed to improving the quality of life for both its employees and its customers. We are a proudly South African company whose dedication to social empowerment is unquestionable.
  • Oddity by definition is a strange or PERCULIAR person, trait or thing and this is what the brand represents. Oddity, founded by two siblings, was established in 2015 to inspire people to be extraordinary and to embrace their INDIVIDUALITY.