Stay competitive and grow your margins with Sage X3 for Construction and Engineering

Sage X3 for Construction

Being a highly competitive industry it’s no surprise that companies in this sector are having to carefully cost their projects in order to win accounts which often means shrinking their margins. This, in addition to the stagnant labor productivity is no wonder that many construction companies are under threat of closing down.
Companies that address the challenges of productivity, profitability, performance, labor and sustainability head-on and re-imagine their business processes will line themselves up not only for survival but for significant growth.
Sage X3 for Construction will provide full project management, estimating and tendering functionality to streamline all your business processes in order to achieve maximum efficiency across the entire business. Sage X3 for Construction handles highly complex projects and calculations and provides access to real time progress data at your fingertips anywhere, anytime and on any device. A solution built on a technology platform that speaks to IoT sensors and actuators that are becoming more and more prominent in the construction industry.

Sage X3 for Engineering

The Internet of Things is changing the way many industries operate and the Engineering industry is no exception. Advances in technology are enabling the engineer to produce innovative, reliable, smart, connected products and systems.
IoT devices, sensors and receptors are bringing new and exciting possibilities into our lives. Personal and industrial devices have matured tenfold over the past few years, now being able to talk among themselves and with their designer over the cloud, enabling real-time insight. They are intelligent and inter-connected and can transmit and accumulate data to be used to improve their own performance and that of the business.
The data from these devices and sensors need to ultimately funnel through to a central business management solution for business intelligence and analytics, so day to day and minute to minute decisions can be made that may make or break a business